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3d graphic from s1lk
Photos by @tolepaibek
Photos by @tolepaibek
Photos by @tolepaibek @tairzhakanov
Onboarding. Shows how many tasks have been set and how many of them are important. Training, when entering the office for the first time, is also provided.
The board includes all the necessary actions for working with tasks, and is implemented as conveniently as possible for use.
Managing your board in the mobile app is even more convenient. UX is built with smartphones in mind to quickly achieve user goals.
The best practice for viewing and managing tasks is designed around the Trello user experience. But with the addition of your own chips. At the same time, the UX in the mobile application is implemented no less convenient.
Icons for files in attachments
Quick actions are provided, both in the desktop version and in the mobile one. In the application, this feature is implemented with swipes, gestures and a long press.
The board filter is designed as compactly as possible. All additional windows open on top (no transitions), accelerating the user experience. Also implemented the feature of saved filters.
Designed a section of the Store where different courses are sold. They are bought for points that the user accumulates by closing their tasks. It turns out for free.
As a best practice, notifications are designed to be similar to the Notion app.
The search usage pattern, throughout the office, works in the same way both in the desktop and in the application.
Illustration for the service "Accounting Outsourcing".
Illustration for the service "Three-component integrated system Bukhta".
Illustration for describing the components of the TIS system.
Mockups for automatic tax reporting service.
The illustration depicts all interactions with the tax office across the Buhta.
After purchasing the courses, students can choose a convenient time to study.
Cabinet navigation menu icons
Gamification as a guarantee for learning outcomes
Interactivity appears between the lecturer and the students, if necessary. The states of the expected lecture, LIVE mode and the passed lecture are shown.
During the internship, students see feedback and advice from the teacher.
In order to find out the likelihood of admission for a grant, applicants indicate the subjects they have chosen and the language of instruction.
Further indicates the approximate score to be gained, plus the specialty or area. The ability to choose a field has been added to make it easier for applicants to choose a profession.
As a final step, applicants see the overall likelihood of being eligible for a government grant.
After passing the UNT, applicants will find out the results directly in Joo.
The main screen is designed with a poll feed with a filter option. They showed important questions and answers for the user and a call to fill out a personal questionnaire, on the basis of which a selection of polls is based.
Progress in filling out the user's personal profile.
Feedback from users.
If something went wrong.
Important messages open in full screen and require specific action from the user.
You can upload your parts and explore capabilities. Select lead times that fit your project planning. There are specify technology, material and tolerance requirements. Also the price is updated in real-time.
Manage all your quotes in one placel-time
Track your orders - every step of the way
Feed and Search.
Feed and Search.
Book tee times and buy golf goods.

Golf Cashback

Personal profile.
Business Account.
Share permission.
New Post.
New fields. It is possible to add fields (cadastres) through cadastral numbers, or through a search by location.
Fields and cells. Usually fields are on a large scale and are divided into subfields (cells), each of which is intended for different crops (buckwheat, wheat, etc.).
Indicators. This is the main part of the application that allows you to plan and predict crops by fields and cells. Here are all the necessary satellite images for monitoring the cultivated areas.
Notes. Analyzing the indicators, it becomes necessary to write notes at specific points in the fields. Moreover, this can be done offline through a mobile application.
Typing and view own profile.
Stickers and profile settings.
Switching to Telegram.
You can see all groups from messengers in one place.
View media and add emotions.
Prayer time as a screensaver. Great for desktop and TV.
Quran desktop version with full navigation and notes functionality.
Schedule Suhoor and Iftar (morning and evening meals) times during Ramadan.
List of requests. You just say to managers: “Do you see requests?”, if yes, just work with a higher priority, that is machine learning.
Driver card. This grid allows you to quickly check driver cards. No need to go back or make an extra click. So, by clicking the "Allow" button, you will see the next driver card. And the driver will receive a message that everything is alright.
Product oriented new website.
Email newsletter. Discount for happy Mother's day.
Landing Nommi for local market Technodom
Аdvertising visuals. Instagram, Facebook.