Since Feb 2024 we
focused on Concept Design
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We help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities by design

We love doing Concept Design. Rarely, in special cases we can do Branding, Identity, Packaging, Graphic Design, 3D, Motion, Design System, UX/UI Design. We are a small design studio in Almaty focused on the growth of design in our country and around the world. We are high-quality specialists capable of solving any problem in the field of products. We love our cause and we support the success of every project we take on. Inspired by the works of great people, we strive to influence development. We understand the importance of our design in people's lives and are responsible for it. Let's design a product of great value that will positively impact our Ummah.

Founder & Creative Thinker
Graphic & Brand Designer
Adil' Ashikbayev, Graphic Designer
Assylzhan Gapurov, UX/UI Designer, No-code Developer
Daulet Ishetaiyev, Design Manager
Akylbek Hakimov, 3D, GraphicDesigner
Kabi Askarov, Design Engineer
Mariyam Sabyr, UX/UI Designer
Aliya Ashirova, UX/UI Designer
Nuraiym Netullina, UX/UI Designer
Alibek Yerzhanov, Product Designer
Gaziz Sabden, CX/UX Designer
Bekzat Yeleussin, Product Designer
Kuanysh Nakysh, Motion Designer
Yernar Abi, UX/UI Designer
Assylbek Umurzak, Graphic Designer
Designers who help us
Team photo, 2022

With our culture and values, we work with our clients as one from idea to launch. We dive into their needs and ambitions. Together we generate ideas, go through research stages and create designs that have a positive impact on their business and their clients. eGov, yoosr, ZEBRA coffee, nFactorial, Sazalem, Tayyab, Citix, Prime Source, Qazaq Republic, Weezi, Brighty, õzen, Nidg, Drft, Trivium, Jas, Tez, Razz, Let's Exchange, Kcell Business, Buhta, Aitu Superapp, Easy Go, Unihub, Sauapp, BTS Digital, Telecom, Sajda Store, Sauab, Feel, Kcell&activ, S1lk, Tetta, Sajde, Bitlab, Joo, Trade-x, Youthink, DaylideaGolf, Three, Baskets, Egistic, Cronex, OKauto, Nommi