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Concept design for one of the local media platform in Kazakhstan. A brand new vision with a new strategy in Central Asia. The goal is to immerse users in the life of Central Asia, to give all the actual information that affects the lives of people and their country. Also to help them find the right directions in today's world.

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May 2022

You can subscribe to topics, you can search for topics, and study them. Each topic has an author and a feed where the author publishes all materials related to this topic. In this way, the user is involved and follow the new materials from the author. Plus, this whole story will lead other users from Google, or Yandex.
Emoji can replace comments on the site. It's more honest, more anonymous. It is possible to draw conclusions about how people feel about a given topic without reading the comments.
Tags can be good tools for linking content on a site. Also, through tags, you can find interesting materials, deeply hidden over the years. In practice, other sites tags justify themselves.
All categories turn into topics in the Steppe+ section. Our entire new hypothesis is built around this theme. It is important to implement search, speed, ease. You can save topics to your favorites.
It is important that the theme author is an expert in the field. People want verified information.
For starters, we can show topics by geolocation or by current subscriptions to dig deeper into the topics.
This can be anything from news to important messages: the state, the editorial office, etc.
Every year a certain theme becomes relevant. Why not reveal it from different sides in the form of a tape, with experts, analyzes, reviews, etc. Thus, people will be on the same wavelength when discussing the theme of the year. Involvement in the topic will significantly increase knowledge in this area.
We can experiment by giving the opportunity to vote for the choice of topic: year, month, week, day. This will help to find out what people think and what they are interested in. By involving them, you can increase the audience of readers. Also, when voting, you can try to receive such user data as: age, interests, profession.
The cover can be set to a schedule from the theme of the year/month/week or day. Going to social pages, people understand what is currently in the topic.