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Platform for organizing and prioritizing project tasks


Oct 2019

Onboarding. Shows how many tasks have been set and how many of them are important. Training, when entering the office for the first time, is also provided.
The board includes all the necessary actions for working with tasks, and is implemented as conveniently as possible for use.
Managing your board in the mobile app is even more convenient. UX is built with smartphones in mind to quickly achieve user goals.
The best practice for viewing and managing tasks is designed around the Trello user experience. But with the addition of your own chips. At the same time, the UX in the mobile application is implemented no less convenient.
Icons for files in attachments
Quick actions are provided, both in the desktop version and in the mobile one. In the application, this feature is implemented with swipes, gestures and a long press.
The board filter is designed as compactly as possible. All additional windows open on top (no transitions), accelerating the user experience. Also implemented the feature of saved filters.
Designed a section of the Store where different courses are sold. They are bought for points that the user accumulates by closing their tasks. It turns out for free.
As a best practice, notifications are designed to be similar to the Notion app.
The search usage pattern, throughout the office, works in the same way both in the desktop and in the application.