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Design of the Egistic web application for monitoring cultivated areas. This is the second version of the Egistic web application design, which was developed based on user feedback. Also added new features. Conceptually, the interface allows you to perform any actions without switching to new pages. This gives confidence in the actions of the users.

User Experience
User Interface


New fields. It is possible to add fields (cadastres) through cadastral numbers, or through a search by location.
Fields and cells. Usually fields are on a large scale and are divided into subfields (cells), each of which is intended for different crops (buckwheat, wheat, etc.).
Indicators. This is the main part of the application that allows you to plan and predict crops by fields and cells. Here are all the necessary satellite images for monitoring the cultivated areas.
Notes. Analyzing the indicators, it becomes necessary to write notes at specific points in the fields. Moreover, this can be done offline through a mobile application.